Increasing the competitiveness of educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the national and international levels through tools to improve the quality of education (rating organizations, accreditation, educational services, benchmarking, retraining of students, information activities), the formation of a quality culture in the education system; assistance to educational organizations in increasing efficiency and sustainability in various areas of educational activities through the services provided by the Institution


  • Implements the Policy in the field of ensuring the modernization of the education system and its integration into the global educational space for a creation based on knowledge and innovation;
  • Promoting quality improvement at all levels of education through an integrated approach;
  • Consolidation of education experts into a single public-professional organization and coordination of their activities
  • Assists educational organizations in improving the efficiency and development of educational and scientific activities in accordance with the world's best quality assurance practice.


The private institution "Eurasian Accreditation Agency" is a non-profit organization created to achieve educational, initial and managerial goals, to meet the spiritual needs of citizens of Kazakhstan, as well as other goals aimed at ensuring public goods and interests of its members.