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The private institution "Eurasian Accreditation Agency" is a non-profit organization created to achieve educational, scientific and managerial goals. Meeting the spiritual needs of the citizens of Kazakhstan and other goals. Aimed at ensuring public goods and interests of its members.



This is the world's most widespread and effective model of quality assurance in education



This is the stage of accreditation from the date of obtaining the accreditation status until the next independent external assessment, the purpose of which is to maintain compliance with the accreditation standards.



After receiving all the information, you will be presented with an action plan for your company to follow.

International accreditation

This is a procedure for assessing the compliance of educational programs with international and European quality standards, carried out by accreditation agencies that are members of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education ENQA and registered in the European Register of Agencies for Quality Assurance in Education EQAR.


Our experts

  • This is a person who carries out activities for the accreditation of educational organizations and / or educational programs, and has competence in the performance of these functions, recognized
  • For various types of accreditation, EAAA attracts domestic and foreign (Germany, Netherlands, USA, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Denmark, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Greece, Estonia and others) highly qualified experts. EAAA actively cooperates with foreign accreditation agencies, carrying out mutual exchange of experts and professional development of experts. Such cooperation of partner agencies demonstrates high professionalism and demand for EAAA experts, allows increasing the effectiveness of expert activities, generalizing and disseminating the best domestic and foreign experience.
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